We were supposed to gather at the Light+ Building exhibition together in September 2020, but an unexpected event (corona-viruses) postponed this memorable experience to 2022. Perhaps the best aspect of this situation is that your health is a high priority for us. So please stay at home and Let Espica team simply be by your side. Do not forget our linked in page, Facebook and website.

In view of the increasing spread of the coronavirus in Europe and after intensive consultations, Messe Frankfurt has decided to postpone Light + Building. The world is leading trade fair for lighting and building-services technology will now be held in Frankfurt am Main between the middle and end of September 2020. 

Although we were waiting for you at the Light+ Building but Your health is important to us.

We will inform you with further information and exact dates in the coming days.

Espica team

Marking in your calendar!

According to light+ Building, the new date of the exhibition has been announced on 27 September- 2 October 2020, we hope that this is the final date of the exhibition but from this site you can follow the latest date of light+ Building.

We look forward to visiting you at Espica’s booth – Hall 4.1 stand A13.

We will do everything in our power to make safe place to our visitors because your health is important for us.





Drone replace fireworks:

One of the main concerns today is environmental pollution. Some countries celebrated 2020 New Year in an innovative and environmental friendly way. Using drones cuts down on the noise and smoke pollution that fireworks generate. The drones took on the shape of various animals, people, objects and numbers. It has been speculated that drones could be used as a low-emission alternative to fireworks, which increase air pollution all around the world on New Year’s Eve. 

Light + Building

Light + Building is the world’s largest trade fair in Lighting industry and  a biennial architectural design and technology trade fair mainly focused on products and fixture of lighting, electrical engineering and building automation. Over 2500 companies showcase innovations and solutions aimed at improving energy efficiency. With a vast range of smart technologies and a variety of special events, Light + Building is where the sectoral leaders meet to discuss business opportunities and explore the new developments.

Espica is honored to invites you to Light + Building and we will have great time with you in our stand at Hall 4.1 Stand No.A13.


International Association of Lighting Designer (IALD), is holding International lighting design awards every year and nominating the best designs of the year in each category. Now we’re going to introduce one of “Award of Excellence” winners of 2018.

 Project: HSBC Cafeteria
– Location: Dusseldorf, Germany
– Lighting design: Licht Kunst Licht

As part of a modernization project (a staff restaurant and associated kitchen) from 1970s, were to be architecturally renovate. As one of essential part of the design task was to introduce daylight by constructing a new light well, the team quickly learned that for structural reasons, only a confined shaft geometry with small windows without enough daylight and interesting view could be realized. At the end using human-centric illumination that would support the occupants’ circadian rhythms was the solution. The artificial panorama window provides human centric illumination in a daylight deprived space that respects and supports the occupant’s individual circadian rhythm. A vital lighting atmosphere and high quality of stay with increased well-being characterize this successful renovation project.

Used Methods:

A floor-to-ceiling panorama window wall, more than 20m long, shows a folded image of the river Rhine by a Dusseldorf artist.

Linear RGBW LED luminaries concealed in the ceiling and in the floor with a color temperature spectrum between 2700K and 6000K to simulate daylight.

The light intensity and color of these fixtures are automatically adapted to the time of day by means of an intelligent control system.


 International Association of Lighting Designer (IALD), is holding International lighting design awards every year and nominating the best designs of the year in each category. Now we’re going to introduce one of “Awards of Merit” winners of 2018.

Project: Hyundai Capital Convention Hall – Location: Seoul, South Korea – Lighting designer: KGM Architectural Lighting

Hyundai Capital Convention Hall is designed to reflect the company’s sophisticated, forward- thinking essence.  The  lighting  design  reinforces the  architectural  dichotomy;  the  dark  floor  and  concrete  lower  walls denote  the  strength  and  reach  of  the  corporation,  while  the  white curved  ceiling  elements  infer  the  speed  and  attractive  appeal  of  its cars. The challenge was to provide flexible, multi-scene lighting for multiple uses without visible direct light source.

The  team carefully  layered  several  different  light  sources,  providing  ambient and  direct  illumination  with  individual  controls,  using light coves to prevent glare and decrease annoying reflections. Air  distribution  and  fire suppression  systems are  integrated  in  the  cove  design.