Lighting design

We serve our customers with the most effective & innovative Solutions during and after consumption.

Espica offers solutions with the help of an expert team and through the proven capability to provide services and consultations regarding:

  • Design, procurement and installation of indoor and outdoor lighting projects
  • Design, procurement and installation of architectural lighting projects
  • Illumination of urban, historical, cultural and other places based on urban architecture and using LED products
  • New and practical project ideas and performing lighting projects
  • Supply, procurement and monitoring equipment of illumination projects
  • Supplementary and essential indoor-outdoor lighting equipment

Solar Power Plant

Solutions based on energy-efficient methods offered by our professionals can meet a wide range of needs and expectations through our experience in:

  • Design, procurement and installation of solar lighting systems and solar power plants
  • Design, manufacture, procurement, test and installation of solar systems
  • Design, manufacture and supply of goods through solar power plants at various scales (on-grid and off-grid systems)
  • Sales management of the photovoltaic equipment
  • Organization and presentation of professional training courses for solar power plant systems and solar lights
  • Supply of solar power plant equipment as well as solar lighting equipment