Carina Series 1


Carina1 is an LED luminaire that has been practicing and specially designed for local areas and byways. The use of integrated poly carbonate high-tech lenses in the optical of this luminaire has led to a decrease in glare and an increase in luminous efficacy. Being one of the lighting industry’s achievements, this LED has laid the spectacular and unique groundwork in industry. The modified system of temperature control consists of thermal blades which dissipate the heat in the compartment and this, as a result, can increase the LED lifespan. Compared to common luminaires with HID lamps, it can affect energy conservation by up to 70% and also a significant reduction in cost and maintenance. Waterproofing on the top and strong resistance to corrosion Carina1 is an outstanding product among street lights.


Parameter 20W 30W 40W 50W
Nominal input voltage and frequency (V-AC/Hz) 230/50
Input voltage and frequency range (V-AC/Hz) 180~265/50~60
Nominal input power (W) 20 30 40 50
Nominal input current (A@V)@230 0.95@230 0.140@230 0.180@230 0.230@230
Power factor >0.95
LED module operating voltage (V-DC) 48
Total harmonic distortion (THD) <15%
LED module type Non Integrated
Class of protection against electric shock (230V) I

Heat dissipation

Crucial for the system efficiency, has been properly integrated with the product design. Our lighting fixture is equipped with a heat dissipation system able to maintain the junction temperature low, extending in this way the life of the light source. We test the worst-case condition. Thanks to tomographic and fluid-dynamic simulations, we are able to define the best geometry for our products in order to maintain a constant LED operating temperature.

Mounting angles

Angle adjustment from -15° to +15° degrees for horizontal pole entry

Angle adjustment from +75° to +105° degrees for vertical pole entry

Capability of two different size of pipe holder installation: inner diameter 42mm / 48mm

Lighting project planning legend

H: pole height

W: light beam length

S: spacing between poles

Pole mounted

Carina 1

Carina1 is an LED luminaire that has been practicing and specially designed for local areas and byways.