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Who we are

15 years of knowledge, experience and hard work achieved in the lighting industry ultimately led us toward introducing our brand Espica to the lighting market in 2018. We have been able to display our capability and power in this field by establishing manufacturing facilities in Bulgaria and attracting customers from Europe and other Gulf states.

Espica’s approach is international, open to contamination and deeply inspired by the passion for light. Our company offers itself as a solid and reliable partner for all lighting designers and architects who are looking for lighting solutions with high performance and timeless design.

Our Vision

Espica is a company capable of covering all the needs of modern lighting designers.

Thanks to a perfect mix of experience in the lighting industry and innovation, today we are able to bring our knowledge to new markets and attract customers from all over Europe and from the international market.

Espica’s vision is clear and transparent, we want to be as close as possible to the needs of our customers.

For this reason, over the years, we have expanded the range of our products so as to obtain a complete and functional catalog for each project.

Espica products’ are available at high quality and maintain an excellent cost-quality balance.

Espica, your new technical lighting partner.

Our Mission

We have a global approach to light.

Our mission is promoting the lighting industry based on research & development, producing and providing the best-quality innovative commodities and designs.

Our production processes are internalized: we have a production center where we take care of all the components of our products.

We have many years of experience in lighting industry (OEM Business) with special knowledge of led technologies.

We supply component, raw materials and finish products for customers in Middle east, CIS and Europe.

Espica works with excellent technical lighting partners, providing design advice that can satisfy the most demanding expectations, researching the best solutions to illuminate interior and exterior spaces with tailor made solutions to enhance the beauty of a place and its functions.

Our global presence

We have a deep-rooted and strong presence all over the world.

We are particularly careful to develop a follow-up of projects on a local scale.

Our service doesn’t stop at the sale of lighting fixtures, we believe in customer assistance and support for all the professionals who need lighting consultancy. Being a lighting partner means  – in practice – supporting our customers throughout the process of managing the lighting order.

The operational headquarters and production are based in Bulgaria, directly facing the European market.

Our Research & Design laboratories are located in Milan, in the heart of the old continent.

We have a solid commercial network located in Dubai, where one of our showrooms is also located.

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Range of products

Today’s lighting projects are complex and demanding.

For this reason Espica offers a range of functional lighting products for all applications.

Our idea is to offer to all customers a complete catalogue built around product quality and lighting performances.

We produce post-top luminaires and floodlights for street and outdoor lighting, bollards for urban lighting, downlights and linear systems for the architectural segment and more.

Our R&D department is constantly looking for new technologies and works to build the most performing and cutting-edge products with maximum attention to customer needs.

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