About espica

Starting the company in October 2018

Having the initial portfolio of products in October 2018 with products such as Carina family, Electra Family, Polaris, TYL, Gatria, Atria and pole structure....

Completion of the products in May 2019. EX: Completion of the electric family and adding a street lights (Electra street series4) to the portfolio of products.

Increasing the number of projects, target markets and participating in tenders in 2019 ----- Satisfaction with previous projects Satisfaction of customers with fast response and trust gained in the market.

Increasing the number of products in the portfolio in January 2020- Due to the expansion of target markets, various decorative pole were added. The TYL and Polaris family was completed with various watts.

Establishment of professional R&D team in Italy

15 years of knowledge, experience, and hard work achieved in the lighting industry ultimately led us toward introducing our brand Espica to the lighting market in 2018. We have been able to display our capability and power in this field by establishing manufacturing facilities in Bulgaria and attracting customers from Europe and other Gulf states. What distinguishes Espica from other manufacturers in lighting industries, is the considerable attention paid to meet the customers’ needs. We have provided a wide range of indoor and outdoor products in our product basket. Also are capable of fulfilling customers’ needs by offering services in the areas of renewable energies, solar energy, lighting design, and smart lighting management. Cost-quality balance has been maintained and Espica products are available at a high quality. It is noteworthy that guaranteeing the quality of products and offering decent customer service have awarded us a special rank in the lighting industry and have enabled us to earn customers’ trust.

While committing to comply with standards, rules and regulations and the expectations of all stakeholders, Espica Co. the designer and manufacturer of various types of lighting fixtures has regarded the management systems based on European and international standards as its organization leadership and is committed to achieving the following lofty ideals to increase customer satisfaction, increase market share, continuously improve processes and improve product quality: