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Espica is specialized in the development of outdoor lighting solutions. Our product ranges perfectly cover all the needs of an exterior project.

From floodlights to tunnel lights, passing through top pole luminaires. Espica offers a rich variety of products with different dimensions, power values, color temperatures, dedicated optical beams and installation accessories.

Espica offers reliable and cutting-edge tools designed specifically for outdoor installations: the Carina family, for example, can be equipped with a smart lighting system so as to integrate each lighting fixture within the urban network. The advantages of this system, in addition to allowing point-to-point control of each fitting, are innumerable: the rhythm and needs of city life are followed and substantial energy savings can be achieved.

The Matrix family, characterized by a modular and squared design, boasts different types of arm for mounting so as to offer infinite installation possibilities. Where a professional and measured light is needed, such as in industrial warehouses, the product can be suspende; where a precisely calibrated and directed light is required, such as on building facades, the product can be mounted on arms and the LED modules can be oriented.

The options for outdoor lighting are endless, Espica offers a complete product package to find a solution to all design choices.

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