Electra Series 4-Street light edition


Stylish design with advanced heat dissipating system

* Uniform and glare-free light distribution

* High luminous efficiency and long lifetime in order to reduce energy costs

* Standard power supply capable of precise flow control, high power factor and low harmonic distortion

* Constant power consumption and light output in a wide range of supply voltage (180-265VAC)

* Power supply with over voltage transient protection

* Wide ambient temperature range and possibility to operate in different climates

* High ingress protection and good resistance to corrosion and mechanical stress

* Equipped with impact resistant window film

* No ultraviolet and infrared radiation

* Producible with various color temperatures

* High level of Ingress Protection (IP)

* Adjustable bracket holder for -15 to +15 degrees angles

Heat dissipation

Crucial for the system efficiency, has been properly
integrated with the product design. Our lighting fixture is equipped with a heat
dissipation system able to maintain the junction temperature low, extending in
this way the life of the light source. We test the worst-case condition. Thanks
to tomographic and fluid-dynamic simulations, we are able to define the best
geometry for our products in order to maintain a constant LED operating

# Color also available in 3000 (°K) ,4000 (°K) and 6500 (°K)