General specifications

Application: Urban lighting, Car parks, Tunnels and underpasses, Sport facilities, Large areas
Product Type: Flood lights, Tunnel lights
Mounting Type: Surface mounted, Ceiling mounted, Wall mounted, Ceiling pendant
Indoor/Outdoor Light: Outdoor

Lighting specifications

Led Modules: High modules
Power(W): 300
CRI: 75
SDCM Initial And Working: 5
Lumen Maintenance Code: 9
Number of LEDs (pcs): 80
Unified glare rating:
Average Lamp Life (H): 100000
Light Source: SMD LED

Optical specification

Optic: Batwing - Symmetric Tunnel Lighting - Ceiling Lighting, Parks and wide areas, Sport lighting, Symmetric 10°, Symmetric 25°, Symmetric 60°, Symmetric 90°, Tunnel Lighting - Ceiling Lighting System with symmetric Optic, Tunnel Lighting - Counter-Beam Lighting System, Tunnel Lighting - Unilateral and bilateral Lighting System

Electrical specification

Nominal Input Current 230 (A): 1.370
Nominal Voltage and Frequency: 230/50
Input Voltage and Frequency: 180-265/50-60
Led Module Operating Voltage (V): 48
Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤10%
Electrical Protection Class: I
Nominal Power Of Single Led: 5W
Power factor: 0.95

Mechanical Characteristics

Body Color: Grey(01), Black(02), White(03), Graphite Grey(04)
IP Rating: 66
Body Material: Aluminum die-cast
Protection Against Mechanical Impacts: IK07
Body Coating: Electrostatic powder paint
Closing Screen: Tempered glass
Rated Ambient Temperature (°C): 25
Working Temperature Range (°C): -20 ~+50
Maximum Allowed Humidity (%): 95
Rated Abrupt Failure Value (%): 15

Weight and dimensions

Weight (Kg): 14.3
Dimensions (mm): 515(L)X350(W)X190(H)


Precision in lighting

Matrix has a special feature that amplifies its potential and extends the field of applications. The individual modules can swing independently of each other along the horizontal axis by 15° up or down.

This feature allows you to direct the beam and offers control over the light and its direction.

In this way it is possible to make the most of the potential of this product, focus the light beam and bring direct light even from great distances.


With its incredible ease of assembly and different types of installation arms, Matrix can be oriented and locked in place according to different project requirements.

Different types of mounting arm, supplied as an accessory, offer different rotation possibilities, depending on the need, the Matrix product can be configured as you prefer.

A special adjustment ring allows for easy control of the degree of tilt, which ranges from a minimum of 90° to a maximum of 360°. 



Optic performances

The key to the luminous efficacy of Matrix family is undoubtedly the use of a combined system of LED modules and lenses that allow uniform distribution of the light beam, visual comfort and chromatic stability.

High Module is the last generation of the Espica led modules based on High-power LEDs to provide the technical requirements of road and urban applications with high efficiency.

The Matrix modules are composed of a led plate mounted on a rigid and thermally conductive substrate, surmounted by integrated polycarbonate high-tech lenses.

All of this translates in no reduction in visual performances. The perfect combination between led modues and lenses allows to reduce the contrast in luminance between the surroundings and the glare light source.


Tunnel lighting

Each tunnel is different and it is for this reason that the Matrix product adapts well to any type of lighting solution for tunnels and underpasses. The maximum flexibility of the system made up of LED modules and the different types of applications guarantee a prompt solution for any type of tunnel. Continuous energy consumption resulting from tunnel lighting has a significant impact, the use of high module leds significantly helps the energy saving process. The innovative control of the luminous flux through dedicated lenses and thanks to the possibility of tilting the modules generates further savings potential. Thanks to these features, it is possible to install fewer light points in each gallery, significantly saving on any type of intervention.



Regardless of whether you want to illuminate facades, large spaces or illuminate high towers, Matrix floodlights always offer the right light distribution for a contrast-rich staging. The outdoor spotlights create light of the same quality as indoor products, using High Module LED technology. It is possible to install Matrix even in the most complex contexts thanks to the different mounting arms that adapt to all applications. The simple short arm and the simple long arm are ideal for floodlighting, the first guarantees a rotation of 110°, the second rotates up to 360°. For more complex applications you can use the oblique long arm or the oblique wide arm.

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