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ESPICA is produced in Europe using the most advanced technologies in the world

Thanks to their concentrated beams, glare control, ability to be installed in various heights, our floodlights provide a wide range of solution for outdoor lighting. These floodlights are also reliable and resists adverse weather and vandalism as well.

Our industrial lighting fixtures allow us to design the lighting systems in an integrated and consistent way, insuring durability and safety. Our luminaries are designed to produce a uniform light to enhance vertical and horizontal surfaces, and work and assembly counters.

Designed to resist extreme weather conditions and vandalism our pole mounted systems can be safely used in different exterior spaces. Benefited from asymmetric optics, high chromatic quality of LED lights, smart system management and glare control these pole mounted systems enable an efficient uniform illumination.

Our energy efficient LED systems in straight shapes create stunning effects that can be used for every indoor ambient to define shapes and
to decorate them.

Lighting poles are an integral and essential part of public lighting not only in terms of providing light but also an effective parameter in maintaining the privacy and safety of the road.


15 years of knowledge, experience, and hard work achieved in the lighting industry ultimately led us toward introducing our brand Espica to the lighting market in 2018. We have been able to display our capability and power in this field by establishing manufacturing facilities in Bulgaria and attracting customers from Europe and other Gulf states. What distinguishes Espica from other manufacturers in lighting industries, is the considerable attention paid to meet the customers’ needs. We have provided a wide range of indoor and outdoor products in our product basket. Also are capable of fulfilling customers’ needs by offering services in the areas of renewable energies, solar energy, lighting design, and smart lighting management. Cost-quality balance has been maintained and Espica products are available at a high quality. It is noteworthy that guaranteeing the quality of products and offering decent customer service have awarded us a special rank in the lighting industry and have enabled us to earn customers’ trust.

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What we have achieved today is the result of years of experience in and knowledge of the lighting industry.We satisfy our customers by delivering the products on-time and guaranteeing the quality of them

What helps us earn your trust

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal


We satisfy our customers by delivering the products on-time and guaranteeing the quality of them


Pragmatism in the quality management system was the first approach we adopted


Our key to success is using the world’s latest methods to produce our products

Our Services


Solutions based on energy-efficient methods offered by our professionals can meet a wide range of needs and expectations through our experience in design, presentation and installation of solar systems.


Gaining customers’ satisfaction is of the highest value in Espica. Striving constantly to heighten customers’ satisfaction, Espica offers a warranty on all self-produced lights based on their kind and customers’ needs. Our other priority regarding customer service is attention to the place where products are installed and the production of custom-made commodities for regions of special climate. Please click here  to read more about the whole content of warranty conditions.


Espica offers solutions with design, installation in outdoor and cultural projects based on urban architecture and using LED products. In addition, our lighting design service includes Supplementary and essential indoor-outdoor lighting equipment.

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